Blooms of Benton offer

  • FREE consultation
  • We will give you advice on design, style and flower choice for your event
  • FREE professional installation service
  • Properly installed decoration will really bring out the stunning beauty
  • Original floral designs that suit your needs
  • Learn floristry from the best


As a creative florist, with a wealth of experience and known for innovation and bespoke floral designs, Tracy is confident that she will leave you inspired and offer you design ideas of the highest standard, so give her a call or email so the consultation process can begin.

Tracy draws inspiration from fashion and design using a vast selection of materials to create signature pieces which are iconic and eye catching and with extensive experience gained from years of designing for a diverse range of occasions and venues; she will infuse your special event with character and emotion inspired by you and brought to life by Blooms of Benton.

“My style is guaranteed to transform traditional floral design, taking full advantage of settings, lighting and any distinctive details of the venue and artistically combining colours, shapes and textures to perfectly compliment any environment.”

07899 951949
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