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Blooms of Benton Floral Academy is proud to be one of a few establishments that has the subject specific expertise to deliver Higher Education (HE) courses in Floristry and the only Academy in London and the South East of England. Students will have access to a wide range of cultural perspective on design and innovative ideas by engaging on these higher-level programmes and taking advantage of a whole host of guest speakers and industry experts for talks and demonstrations.

The Academy Principal, Tracy Benton, has over 25 years’ experience in the commercial industry and 15 years of teaching floristry as a professional career. The unique courses offer students the opportunity to study all aspects of floristry, with an emphasis on the European Design Schema, mastering techniques and Sources of Inspiration. The courses allow you to develop as an individual by pushing boundaries and exploring floral design, whilst at the same time focusing on the commercial viability and profitability of different types of businesses.During each course students will complete a range of assignments and a design portfolio to test the underpinning knowledge of the qualification so that they can undertake two externally set and externally marked exams; one for practical skills and one for theory. There are two different exam chances which are in January and July of the second year of the course. 

Students will attend a range of lecturers, talks and practical sessions, as well as receive constructive feedback to aid in all aspects of learning and the development of essential practical skills. All students have the opportunity to take part in competitions, events and external demonstrations to showcase their work on an industry wide scale, at prestigious events such as:

·      WorldSkills UK heats, 

·      BFA Fleurex

·      RHS Chelsea heats

·      RHS Hampton Court 

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